Saturday, July 3, 2010


I say that because during the winter months I am usually too busy or preoccupied to work on my blogs. But today I decided to go into Taos and hang out at Caffee Tazza and catch up on my correspondences and one of these is to touch base with you the followers or readers of this blog.

For the better part of the June, I have been working on the website. I have been able to lower some prices and will continue doing so throughout July. Some of the companies I deal with have a multilevel pricing system and I have recently moved into a better pricing level with them. As such, I have been passing these savings on in the web catalog.

On the site, I removed the search function as it was not working very well and I was told that "it is frustrating to use". So, that takes care of that. Next I made the pages have a cleaner look and eliminated the large blue category bar across the upper partition of the pages.

I have added a number of new products such as pv module optimizers which hit the market last year. This year several addition companies have joined this new trend so that has to say something about the technology. I have not tested any of these products as all my solar arrays are in full sun.

Also the price of solar modules (pv panels) have come down in price I am happy to announce that I am seeing more companies making their modules here in the US.

Our pre-assembled systems complete with solar modules have also come down in price also and this is largely due in part to the decrease in pv panel prices.

Now for some Solar Trivia...

Remember Trace, they were those folks up there in Washington state that several years ago started buying up some of their competitors and expanding their inverter product line. Then about a year later along came Xantrex, a Canadian company who swept down and gobbled up Trace. This caused some of Traces engineering department to jump ship, thus forming a successful company just in Traces back yard. That company is OutBack. This lead to other off shoots such as MidNite Solar and Magnum. Well just a few years later and Xantrex as well as Square-D have been acquired by Schneider, a French company who has now thrown their hat into the growing solar industry. There you have it, today's solar trivia.

Well, I have got to leave now so I can address my woodcarving readers.

So until next time, may the Sun light you way, both day and night.

Terry R. Wolff

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